Challenges and opportunities: an in-depth empirical study on configuration error injection testing


Configuration error injection testing (CEIT) could systematically evaluate software reliability and diagnosability to runtime configuration errors. This paper explores the challenges and opportunities of applying CEIT technique. We build an extensible, highly-modularized CEIT framework named CeitInspector to experiment with various CEIT techniques. Using CeitInspector, we quantitatively measure the effectiveness and efficiency of CEIT using six mature and widely-used server applications. During this process, we find a fair number of test cases are left unstudied by the prior research work. The injected configuration errors in these cases often indicate latent misconfigurations, which might be ticking time bombs in the system and lead to severe damage. We conduct an in-depth study regarding these cases to reveal the root causes, and explore possible remedies. Finally, we come up with actionable suggestions guided by our study to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing CEIT techniques.

2021 30th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis