Giorgio (Erci) Xu

Giorgio (Erci) Xu

Storage Nomad

Traveling in the Middle of Nowhere


Erci Xu is a storage researcher who mostly focuses on distributed storage systems and software/hardware reliability. Besides research, he enjoys reading books and occasionally writes reviews where one can find it at Goodreads or 知乎.

Erci Xu’s Chinese name is 徐尔茨 (sounds like hsu ertz). He also goes by the name of Giorgio, much easier to pronounce now, innit?

  • Storage Systems
  • Distributed Computing
  • Software/Hardware Reliability
  • PhD in Computer Science, 2019


  • BSc in Computer Science, 2012


Selected Publications

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(2024). Sonic: the Next-Gen Local Disks for the Cloud. In Eurosys'24 (CCF-A).

(2023). Deploying User-space TCP at Cloud Scale with LUNA. In ATC'23 (CCF-A).

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(2023). When Database Meets New Storage Devices: Understanding and Exposing Performance Mismatches via Configurations. In VLDB'23 (CCF-A).


(2023). Perseus: A Fail-Slow Detection Framework for Cloud Storage Systems (awarded Best Paper). In FAST'23 (CCF-A).

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(2023). SMRSTORE: A Storage Engine for Cloud Object Storage on HM-SMR Drives. In FAST'23 (CCF-A).

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(2022). NVMe SSD Failures in the Field: the Fail-Stop and the Fail-Slow. In ATC'22 (CCF-A).

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(2021). Max: A Multicore-Accelerated File System for Flash Storage. In ATC'21 (CCF-A).

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(2021). Concordia: Distributed shared memory with in-network cache coherence. In FAST'21 (CCF-A).

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(2020). Write Dependency Disentanglement with HORAE. In OSDI'20 (CCF-A).

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(2019). Lessons and Actions: What We Learned from 10K SSD-Related Storage System Failures. In ATC'19 (CCF-A).

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